E. G. S. E. D.

Electric Guitars, Synths & Electronic Drums library of 121 presets for uvi Falcon. Guitars and basses sounds are created with string module Pluck. Synths, bass synths, pads, leads and drums sounds created only with uvi Falcon oscilators module. No external samples in this soundset. All presets are open, and you can edit each preset to your own.

Music examples created with only E.G.S.E.D. presets, no external effects are used. Except Metal example where are used drum samples which are not part of preset library. There is Metal example without drum.


Chilled Guitars
Electro Metal
Metal without drums

Electric Guitars & Basses


Main sound of this library presets are electric guitars and electric guitar basses for electronic music with guitar elements or rock/metal music. All guitars and basses have same GUI (graphical user interface) and controls, except for FX section. Every guitar and bass have Vibrato, Mute (palm mute), Pitch and other techniques. You can control how strong Mute will be, vibrato speed or add release noise. For more information there is full description of techniques. You can turn off all fx, guitar boxes and distortion effects from main panel and use own external guitar amps, distortions and reverbs.

There are 3 INI presets which are not count as preset (124 in total). They are for create own guitar sounds.

Under sound examples you will find all presets (guitars, synths and drums). Some presets contain mute, vibrato control or pitch in action.


--- Electric Guitars ---
Electric Distortion 1
Electric Distortion 2
Electric Distortion 3
Electric Distortion 4
Electric Distortion 5
Electric Driver 1
Electric Driver 2 Waher
Electric Driver 3
Electric Driver 4
Electric Driver 5 Waher 2
Electric Driver 6 Hawai
Electric Driver 7 The Walker
--- Metal Guitars ---
Metal 1
Metal 2
Metal 3
Metal 4
Metal 5
Metal Star 1
Metal Star 2
Metal Star 3
Metal Star 4
Metal Star 5
--- Fantasy Guitars ---
Electric Dream
Old Guitar
Space Guitar
Unreal G1
Unreal G2
--- Bass Guitars ---
Clean Bass 1
Clean Bass 2
Clean Bass 3
Clean Bass 4
Clean Bass 5
Clean Bass 6
E Bass 1
E Bass 2
E Bass 3
E Bass 4
--- Synth Leads ---
Eight Squares
FM Lead 1
FM Lead 2
FM Lead 3
Saw Lead 1
Saw Lead 2
Saw Sync Lead
Wave Lead
--- Synth Synths ---
Acid 1
Acid 2
Acid 3
Pluck Lead
Saw Drop 1
Saw Drop 2
Solo Crusher
Sync Synth 1 I
Sync Synth 1 II
Sync Synth 1 III Brass
Sync Synth 2 I
Sync Synth 2 II
Sync Synth 2 III
Sync Synth 2 IV Strings
Sync Synth 2 V Ambience
Unisono Shaper
Wave Drop
Wave Synth
--- Synth Pads ---
Blue Pad
Cold Pad 1
Cold Pad 2
Dark Pad
FM Pad 1
FM Pad 2
Voices of AW 1
Voices of AW 2
Warm Pad 1
Warm Pad 2
Warm Pad 3
--- Synth Bass ---
Acid Bass 1
Acid Bass 2
Dark Synth Bass 1
Dark Synth Bass 2
Dark Synth Bass 3
FM Bass 1
FM Bass 2
Synth Reso Bass
Warm Bass 1
Warm Bass 2
--- Electronic Drums ---
Drums 1
Drums 2
Drums 3

Basic Info

Preset List
Guitars : 22 presets + 3 INI patches
Fantasy Guitars : 5 presets
Guitar Bass : 10 presets
Synth Leads : 10 presets
Synths : 21 presets
Pads : 12 presets
Synth Bass : 10 presets
E Drum hits: 31 presets
UVI Falcon
5 MB free space
Winrar or 7zip for extract files