100 presets for UVI Falcon contain Arpegios, Basses, Leads, Moving Sounds & Sequences, Pads and Synths.


Presets are created with Falcon 1.6, when presets was finished Falcon 2 was released. Therefore it contains only Falcon 1 to 1.6 modules.

Music and sound examples created with only Animations presets, no external effects are used. Except some music examples contain drums which are not part of soundset.

Under sound examples you will find all presets. All arpegios and moving sounds examples use chord or play harmony (few or more chords).


Music Example 1
Music Example 2
Music Example 3
Music Example 4
Arpegios examples
Moving Sounds & Sequences 1 - 10
Moving Sounds & Sequences 11 - 20


All arpegios are created to follow a chords or harmony you play. That means, if you play C major chord, it will play notes only for C major chords. Some arpegios can play additional notes, which not belong to harmony or chords. For example, if one note is played, some note play fifth and if you play chord, the fifth can belong to one of chord note.

Moving Sounds & Sequences

Animated sounds, use lot of step sequencers, LFOs to bring life to sound. Some sounds evolve with long notes. If you want change note or harmony without interupt time evolve, use legato technique (overlaped notes, not legato in Falcon) while you play. Same as arpegios, you can play harmony or chord and sound will follow notes. Few sounds are mono.


In most sounds are wavetable modules and use selection of wavetables from 105 Wavtables. No need to download them, their are included in Animations Soundset.

Basic Info

Preset List
Arpegios : 16 presets
Bass : 10 presets
Moving Sounds & Sequences : 20 presets
Leads : 10 presets
Pads : 20 presets
Synths : 24 presets
UVI Falcon 2.0
17 MB free space
Winrar or 7zip for extract files