105 Wavetables

105 wavetables for Dune 2, UVI Falcon, Serum, Icarus and all wavetables synths which can load wavetables as wave files.

You find more downloads, depends on your needs.There are original files(40mb) they are good for wavetable synths which can do smooth transition between tables.

Wav files end with 256 means all wavetables contain 256 tables, good for wavetable synth which can not do smooth transition between tables.You can use it in sampler, granular or any interesting oscilator which can load samples or wavetables.


These wavetables are property Oberheim 8000. When you download these wavetables, you agree to use them for personal use only. Donations are encouraged. Commercial use of my product is allowed only when visibly stated that the specific portion was designed by me and must have a working link to my website. For commercial use, you should donate, but you can do it later after you success with your product.

Basic Info

SynapseAudio Dune 2 *
Xfer Serum
UVI Falcon
Tone2 Icarus
kv33r audio SynthMaster (2.9.6)
kv33r audio SynthMasterOne
DiscoDSP audio Corona **, Discovery Pro ** and Vertigo
Arturia Pigments (New!)
and other wavetable synth which can load wav wavetable
* Dune 2 have special wt files for download
** Corona and Discovery can load only 16bit 256 table wav files
30 MB space (for wav original files)
120 MB space (for 16bit 256tables wav files)
220 MB space (for 32bit 256tables wav files)
330 MB space (for Dune 2 wt files)